Finland Consulate in Hong Kong

Consulate of Finland in Hong Kong

Finland Consulate in Hong Kong

Diplomatic representation of Finland. Information on consular services of the Consulate of Finland in Hong Kong. On this website you will find general information about the Consulate of Finland in Hong Kong. The majority of foreign consulates in Hong Kong are from South American and European countries.

Contact details of the Finland Consulate in Hong Kong


Finnish Consulate General in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Suites 2405-2408, 24th Floor Dah Sing Financial Centre 108 Gloucester Road Wanchai Hong Kong

Telephone Number:

(+852) 2525 5385

Fax Number:

(+852) 2810 1232




Ms Annikki Arponen - Consul General

Office Hours:

Visa: 10.00-12.00


Consulates in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Many consulates in Hong Kong provide a wide range of consular services to more than 7 million Hongkong citizens as well as foreigners located or visiting Hong Kong for tourist purposes or business activities.

When you are in Hong Kong and in need of consular assistance from the Finland consulate you should contact them directly.

Assistance by the Finland Consulate in Hong Kong

For additional consulate information please contact the Finland consulate directly. When there is no Finland Consulate located in Hong Kong you can either contact a consulate in mainland China or contact the embassy in Beijing.

Hong Kong Consulates: The tourism industry in Hong Kong is seen as a very important part of the local economy. Major tourist markets outside the South-East Asia regions are leasure and business travellers from Africa, Middle East and Europe. Foreign visitors from over 170 countries are able to visit Hong Kong without a visa for periods from seven days to 180 days depending on the country of origin. Since tourism is a major growing market in Hong Kong many foreign countries have established consulate missions in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong you can find Consulates, Consulates-generals and Honorary Consulates.

Hong Kong Consulate Assistance - a Hong Kong Consulate mission mainly would offer the majority of services that would be provided by their parent foreign Embassy but the smaller Honorary consulates in Hong Kong often offer more limited consular assistance. The bigger consulates in Hong Kong usually offer services related to renewal or replacements of passports, visa and entry matters and other general consular assistance available to Hong Kong citizens and foreign travellers. Honorary consulates in Hong Kong are mainly limited foreign missions and generally represented by a independent person with limted consular powers.

Hong Kong Consulates - also play a major role in business promotion between Hong Kong and foreign countries. All the major consulates in Hong Kong arrange yearly trade missions from abroad to promote international trade and establish business contacts.